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v-day blahs


1 rose. Red and beautiful. Without a card or note. Tied up with a small red ribbon, wrapped in a transparent cellophane. Placed on top of my desk. That’s all I got on Valentines Day (Friday, the 13th to be exact).


It’s from a girl. No Less. I found out later in the afternoon.


No, I haven’t become a Lesbo. Not this year or any year in the future. Nothing against them, personally, but it will still disgust me if I find out that another female is attracted to me. Besides, I’m not that promiscuous that I would already be swearing off guys and dig girls instead. Ugh. Soo Lindsay Lohan.


Anyhow, going back, this girl, who gave me the flower, was heartbroken since December 2008. I found out during a dinner-slash-inuman treat she and another new co-worker gave out to the engineering boys plus the extended IE dept. She told the sad break up story in the middle of the traditional green question and answer portion. Spoils the fun naturally. But it’s half her treat, nobody’s up to complain.


I found myself mentally comparing notes with her. When she laid out all the details, I’ve made my judgment: Theirs was a petty fight. Their breakup was definitely temporary and they would get back together in no time. Their fight was childish and not worth making the big deal. But it seems like she’s wasted more tears than was necessary. I want to shake her up. I feel for her. But i guess no matter how shallow her reasons are, when it comes to love, you cry for the most pathetic ones. ugh. Can’t stand it, so does that make me insensitive? I guess, the cynic that is me is now numb.


Now the girl is back with her ex boyfriend of 4 years. She’s happy. And I am truly happy for her (coz i know she wasnt ready to lose him). No wonder she got rid of the gloomy face recently. It was her who gave me the flower. That came as a shock. A very sweet surprise (in an ungay-ish way hehe). But the gesture does make me wonder if 1) she’s just sorry coz I don’t have a guy of my own to spend mushy, cliché valentines day with; or 2) she’s just really happy and wants to share and spread the love (to loveless people like me).  


Still, it’s nice to know that people don’t just give flowers because they’re obliged to. It’s a relief to find out that other reasons existed for celebrating V-day, as morose as it may be. Because as it is, husbands and boyfriends are set with high expectations on this day and it’s mandatory that they do “something special” for love blah blah blah. So cliché.


And yeah, I’m still sooo bitter. And i’ll prolly end up watching a funny, unromantic series at home on the 14th. Well, like the cliche v-day, some things never change. 


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goodbye harry…

date and time of death: 28January2009, between 2am-6am…

my harry

my harry

after almost 7years, my beloved dog left us, for good. getting the message from dad via SMS, i felt chills run all over my body, my nerves tensed and the news was my alarm clock @ 6am.

harry was a great dog. he was given to me by an ex in college during our early years together. when my ex and i broke up, my family made a household joke on my “cold” attitude towards the poor, defenseless, innocent dog who was supposedly the “symbol of me & ex’s love” for each other. hmmpppfffff… well, its not as if i neglected harry. i moved to manila to work and i’ve been here for 3yrs and i couldnt have possibly brought him with me (though super huge credit to my mom who patiently and lovingly cared for our 4-legged sibling. mom talks to the dogs like real people, almost all the time… hehehe) haayyy.. i will miss him though when i come home from manila ;'(

it was last year when harry showed signs that he was sick. he kept vomiting, he got thin and he’s crying like he’s in pain. my parents have brought him to a vet, have given him meds, tried to make him eat dog food instead of pork, and for a while he was ok. i went home dec2008 for the holidays, i wouldnt have guessed he’s in pain coz he was running around, he was eating and he looked everything like the normal dog would be.

he's sweet

he's sweet


he's smart

he's smart

he's reliable

he's reliable


& he's the truest BFF one can have

& he's the truest BFF one can have

 but it wont be the normal scenario for me every homecoming. no harry would run to meet me at the gates and wag his tail with excitement, stretch up to kiss my face…  i will dearly miss him… ;'(

haaay, i’m teary eyed again ;'(

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third time


Lost it. I still am depressed about my stolen phone. And to think it was taken inside the church!!! How can anyone fathom the courage to do such a deed while a mass and wedding ceremony is ongoing!?

Definitely, no place is safe. I can’t believe I will forever part with my favorite pre-paid smart number 😦 its bad enough that this is the third phone I’ve lost, it’s a lot worse that I am personally attached to this number and it will be hard to get a new one that’s easy to memorize 😦 Darn, that bastard! ROAR!



inside the church, where the crime happened 😦 with Lao and Enteng

Hayyy, got that number when I graduated college. Yupz, I just recently lost a phone then and I needed to have a contact number for the companies I was applying to. Well, somebody pick pocketed my 2nd lost phone from my bag as I was soo busy rummaging through sale items. Gahhddd! Meanwhile, the first phone was forcefully taken from me. I was dragged a couple or so meters by some snatchers in a motorcycle just in front of USC. Left some nasty bruises in my face and arms. I was in pain for a month. Talk about losing my phone and my poise at the same time! 😦


i'm sooo lost... ;'(

i'm sooo lost... ;'(

Between the three incidents, I will prefer to have the phone pick pocketed from me, no threat, no physical harm and no (if not less) emotional trauma. I’m just almost always in bad luck when I have a phone. I guess I am a bit lucky that the last one was stolen after it was in service for almost 3 years. Luckier for me, I left my globe phone at home. Else, it would have also been stolen, for sure. I think I’d lose my head.


That lost phone held almost 3 years of my life while I worked as a call center agent and currently as an Industrial Engineer. That sim card bore witness to all job opportunities, all frustrations with work, all possibilities of a budding relationship and all ends to it, all the latest gossips from friends back in cebu, all updates from families with treasured videos from my favorite niece and all the memorable events that happened to me (yup, I update the calendar with a brief note on the occasion). No choice now but to rely on my ever unreliable memory 😦


I am not so worried I lost the unit. I have blue-toothed my pics in my laptop. It will be a bit sad to lose some of the contacts in my phone. As soon as I have a replacement phone, I will have to manually update my list (that’s a lot of work im not quite excited to do).


Struggling between getting a line or getting a new phone and go prepaid again. Of course, its not an option not to buy. I have to have a phone for work 😦 Very frustrating for me.. This is an unforecasted expense and I’m definitely tight with my budget right now.


Haayyy, hope the bastard puts the money he’ll get from the phone into good use.

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I am so done with dreading my birthday. Denial can just add lines on my face as proof that a year has gone by. I sure hope I’ll be blessed to spend another full 365 and 1/4  days and much more 🙂  Its actually not hard to NOT think about me ageing especially when I’m with the company of friends (after some time,  i have mastered the great skill on selective hearing, of course they make a mockery out of it :p). Still, i have reasons to divert my attention to more interesting stuff, like the latest gossips and daily dramas of my girly friends 😀
coffee, the usual

coffee, the usualhang-out lang :)coffee after dinner after badminton!


Dec 30, Ebbe and I celebrated our birthdays together since we share a lot of common friends (and its easier on the pockets too :p). Dinner was at a Alpa Suites, awkwardly located at the mouth of JR’s subdivision. Way off! Gahhddd! I didnt realize our group (originally of 7 members) would be a super extended family of girly-girlies! hehehe most welcome! and why not!? 🙂


dinner friends... extended too! 😀

Of course, we can’t miss Karaoke! There’s about as much ‘biriteras’ in the group, ~3hrs just aint enough! Good way of greeting Ebbe’s bday at 12! 😀
Here’s hoping  to a great 2-6 in 0-9! 😀
Thanks to all who came to the party and celebrated with us! hehehe
Sunod na pud! 🙂
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behind the wheel

Almost 5 months ago, I got me a student’s permit. I was soo hyped up to learn how to drive then. My driving was limited to PS2’s need for speed and Timezone’s GMT car racing or something. So I thought it was time for the real thing. Besides, my younger sister EMO already got ahead of me and that’s a bit embarrassing.


So my SP sat idle in my wallet for 5 months.


Driving lessons are just expensive (4k to 6k for just a 10-hr session!). Maybe I’ll get a cheaper deal in Cebu.


I’m too busy with work and badminton and work, I really don’t have free time.


And anyway, I don’t really have my own car, couldn’t afford to buy one now, so I couldn’t really practice my driving, in case.


5 days ago, my father offered to shoulder the expenses. yahoo! 😀


I could probably borrow dad’s or kuya addie’s car when I’m in Cebu, save them the hassle of fetching me from a late night gimik with friends.


Driving would be a nice skill to develop and it wouldn’t hurt if I had the Non-Prof ID, for valid identification ;p


Who knows, I’ll have the resources to get me my own ride.


It’s Free, I’m not complaining even if that means getting ready by 8am. My younger brother Lester also has his lessons after me, so I get to just sleep at the backseat while it’s his turn.


I must say driving is fun. I have practically toured Metro Cebu, going beyond TOPS, Mactan/Lapu-lapu, to the narrow roads of Inawayan; occasionally giving my instructor reason to hold on to the handbrake when I hit an average of 60 to 70 km/hr in a busy highway :p Can’t blame me, I’m just soo focused with the road ahead, I can’t see the speedometer (and I can’t really figure out the engine sound thingie). Also, my foot’s just heavy and has a life of its own; it gets bored sometimes. All my 4 instructors agree that I am a KASKASERA.


Not the first time I’ve heard that said about my driving. My dad has decided to ban me from getting behind the wheels when I was in 2nd yr HS. He was teaching my older siblings and I got my chance too. I think I could feel his heart go up his throat with the rate I was going 😀

My ex-bf in college taught me too, with his minivan. Going fast on a u-turn became a reason for a petty argument.  


Oh well, I’ve got all the time to improve. Besides, I still need a car to practice on 😀

getting in

getting in


check how u look in the mirror :p

start heating things up ;p

start heating things up ;p


smile and be ready to head out! :p

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Hello world!

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